Seminatrice manuale da giardino

Francesca Nonis - Winner #1 - Italy

L’idea di questo progetto è quella di realizzare una seminatrice manuale da giardino con diverse posizioni di regolazione per scegliere la misura del seme ed effettuare la semina in modo rapido e preciso. L’oggetto è composto da una vaschetta di raccolta, da un tappo girevole e da uno sportellino di ispezione. Nel tappo girevole sono presenti 5 feritoie di grandezza via via crescente per permettere il passaggio di semi di diversa grandezza, ed essere così uno strumento versatile per la semina di diverse tipologie di piantine. La vaschetta di raccolta dei semi è di forma circolare e presenta un beccuccio per consentire una maggiore precisione della semina. Al suo interno sono presenti tre elementi di risalto con un duplice scopo: fermare il tappo nella posizione scelta dall’utente, e favorire la rotazione evitandone lo sfilamento. Infine, lo sportellino di ispezione consente di verificare la quantità di semi presenti all’interno della vaschetta, e la possibilità di aggiungere/togliere i semi senza sfilare il tappo girevole. Esso scorre in due guide e, per come è stato progettato, può essere realizzato solo tramite stampa 3D.


Eren ÜRKMEZ - Winner #1 - Turkey

Agriculture is a door of bread for some people, a hobby for some, a garden of peace for others to escape the complexity of changing. The fields and gardens, which are the common meeting places for these three different people, almost all enjoy their work, returning home to what they do happily.

Almost all of the farmers, the workers, collect the plants by hand to distribute. This takes a separate time for each product and a long time in total. We aim to shorten this period and make it practical, to enable farmers to save time. In order to achieve this goal, we aim to bring to life a tiny knife tied to a glove that will help the farmers to tear the products from the handles attached to the lower part of the fingernail of a glove that will be used during the collection.


Belinay Taykutgül - Winner #2 - Turkey

Through my idea, my goal in this project is to make it easier for people who make their living or work with earthworks as a hobby by supporting traditional tools with small apparatuses. I plan to reach this goal by getting the feedback of people after trying the product and making the product further developing and putting it in the trial phase again.

My idea is to give people the opportunity to do two things at the same time in the various garden works that people are dealing with, and help the veteran human beings earn both in terms of time and energy expenditure. Thanks to this idea, people can have more time to spare for themselves or other jobs and they can improve their lives positively.


Yağmur İLBEYİ - Winner #3 - Turkey

I realized that the workforce, which we can actually use in different jobs in farming, is wasted even when using a rake. After collecting the weed with a rake, it is necessary to shake the rake to throw them away or to throw away the contents by rubbing them somewhere. I wanted to prevent this in my project. Unwasted workforce can be more useful in different areas. Since the aim in this project is to help people working in this field and to make designs that will make life easier.


Winner #1 - Spanish

The project deals with a conventional chainsaw but with the addition of having a chain sharpener  included, so as not to have to stop working at any time with the consequent saving of time and  therefore money, you just have to press the lever so that the The sharpening stone leans on the chain  and then accelerates the chainsaw so that it sharpens, with only 4 seconds we will have the chain  partially sharpened. 

The design consists of a movable button that operates a spring that in turn pushes the sharpening stone  against the chain and when the button is released, the stone returns to its rest position (separated by  about 2 cm from the chain). The set is housed inside the box where the chain sprocket is housed, it is a  10 cm semicircular piece made of plastic, its approximate weight would be 150-200 grams, being one of  the lightest pieces on the market practically without modifying the total weight of the chainsaw. 


The winners have been: Carles Luna, Domenec Canet, Ismael Magraner, and Sebastian Gabaldon.


Winner #2 - Spanish

Consequences of degradation in soils include a wide range of problems. These affect as their structure as composition and productivity. Soil fertility is reduced by the decrease in the content of plant matter.
These agriculture problems this soil in Mediterranean preoccupy, as these lands are getting poorer and depleted and abandoned.
The use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides has caused our soils to suffer great erosion and lose most of the microbial life of the soil.
The repeated use of herbicides has affected many species in the area, leaving problems with compaction and soil erosion. Some species have even adapted to herbicides, giving them a lot of control.
The solution is found with the new biodegradable capsules, which once incorporated into the soil inoculate different types of mycorrhizae over a period of 6 months, which will help the sun recover from all years of abuse of fertilizers, pesticides and chemical herbicides.


Winner #3 - Spanish

AgroPocket: designing a mobile app to deal agrarian explotations.

Farmers have to face a lot of problems in their agrarian explotations. A big variety of crops, plagues, treatments, soils and so on…. demand a wide range of knoledgment that agriculptors with years of experience. On the other hand, many farmers are really old. New young agriculptors don’t know as knowledgment as senior ones. Young farmers have the control of new technologies. these, haven’t been developed in primary sector. In conclusion, we think it is necessary a mobile app to help the user in their farms.

This mobile App can stablish at placement agrarians explotations on sigpac. on the other hand farmers can consult features for their explotations.

On the other hand, agriculptors can save all their tasks and treatments. Also this app says to farmers the moment of phytosanitary products applicationfor aplication or when it is the best moment for the beginning of their work. According to cultive registred in before explained options.

This application has information of cultives to other agriculptors. Thanks to that, designed application can solve main problems of agriculture in the present.